Park Place Restaurant & Bar
1218 Jericho Tpke., New Hyde Park

Park Place Tuesday Night Reserve Steaks

At Park Place, we love getting input from our customers. One request we were getting often was for a high end steak. People didn't want to travel to Manhattan for a dry aged steak or a prime cut. They want to stay in their own neighborhood and enjoy the best steaks around.

Our answer is the Park Place Tuesday Reserve Steak Club. We will be offering a different high end steak every week, by reservation only. We will not be stocking these steaks without a reservation. If you want one, it has to be ordered by Monday night at the latest. Your steak will come in Tuesday morning from Pat LaFrieda, one of the best meat purveyors around.

To participate in this offer, all you have to do is email Let us know how many steaks you would like, leave a name and contact number (just in case), and we will take care of the rest. Want to make a reservation? Just let us know how many people and what time, and we can take care of that for you as well.

Thank you for your interest! We hope you enjoy these truly special cuts of meat. If you have any suggestions for steaks, feel free to let us know via email as well.

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Tuesday's Reserve Steak For December 14
Tuesday's Reserve Steak For December 14
These steaks are only available with a reservation. See details here.

The Porterhouse

60 day dry aged prime
$85 "for 1" 24oz. with 2 sides
$140 "for 2" 44oz. with 3 sides
Email to order
Interested in a different cut? Contact us and we will accommodate you based on availability .
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